John Flynn
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to Marge and Robert Flynn in 1954. In 2004 his mother died, his father died in 1982.
Then in 2005 he lost his son whom was murdered.
John was ill the last few months of his life
. After spending six weeks in the hospital he came home on May 2.
He made me a promise that no matter what he would not die in June. He finally lost his fight and died at home with me by his side on July 2, 2006. 23 years to the day that his dad died.
He never got to tell his dad good bye on the day he died
so his dad welcomed him home on that day 23 yrs later...
He asked me to promise him 3 things!
The 1st was to not to let him
die in the hospital which I didn't
2nd was to hold him till he died I did he died in my arms at 4.45 pm
The 3rd was for her not to send his body out of the house
to fast I didnt he stayed home for 3hrs after he passed
everybody came and got to say their good-byes!!
He fought a long hard battle there the last 3 months of his life
he was a big man he weight 415#
when he 1st got sick and when he passed he was down to 190#!!
he will always be loved and missed!!

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Missing you   / ARLENE
well John its been awhile, and i still go to call you and your not there, i miss all of those times. I miss hearing your voice and spending time with you. Its still hard to believe your gone, i'm just glad that your with mom, dad and bobby, but i wis...  Continue >>
happy new year x   / Michelle Wilson (friend)
Merry Christmas   / Kate Porter Christopher's Mum
Happy Belated Birthday John!!   / Carol Pizzi (Angel Debbie's Mom )
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